The face steamer is easy to carry, and you can enjoy the water vapor or steam when you wear it, bringing the water closer to you. It can not only humidify but also has the function of an aroma diffuser. And the steamer can meet the various needs of facial skincare. It can be used not only as a steamer but also as a hair sprayer. At the same time, the steamer is also effective for pore care, acne, and blackhead removal. In addition, the steamer is made of abs and stainless steel, which is of high quality and durable. The nano-level facial sprayer of this steamer has small in size, lightweight, and easy to absorb. This steamer is suitable for daily facial treatments in offices, homes, hotels, outings, and business trips. And more suitable for daily use to clean your facial skin.
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This facial steamer can be used as a makeup remover and face washer. Nano-fine mist enhances deep hydration and moisturizing. This nano water sprayer has a large water tank, which can penetrate deep into the skin, remove the dirt on the face, and keep it clean. This nano-ion facial steamer allows you to reduce facial moisturization, improve metabolism and make your skin more radiant, so you can enjoy fresher skin. The facial sprayer uses nano-atomization technology to penetrate deep into the pores and remove blackheads. Mini nano atomization technology, professional in promoting air circulation and removing fine lines on the surface. The sprayer is more convenient to carry and can be used on any part of the face, hair, body, etc. It can also prevent hair from static electricity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s small and cute, so it can be carried anywhere.BJI is your best wholesale face steamer supplier choice!  Welcome to ask for product brochures from BJI!

Frequently Asked Question

The steam opens your pores and helps loosen any accumulated dirt for deeper cleaning. Opens and softens pores, making it easier to remove blackheads. It can also promote circulation. The combination of warm steam and increased sweat can dilate blood vessels and promote your blood circulation


Main Features:
– Soothing steam
It can soften the stratum corneum of the face and clean the pores
– Nano water molecule
It can make the water becomes nano water molecules, after the pore is opened, small water molecules directly enter the bottom layer of the skin to quickly replenish moisture.

As previously mentioned, facial steaming should be the second step in your skincare routine, just after cleansing. But what’s next after steaming the face? The warm and humid air encourages pores to open. This effect prepares your skin for deeper cleansing later.

Use a gentle face cleanser and warm water. Removing makeup and dirt is a must before steaming, Because the steam will open your pores, everything on your face will enter and cause your face to be irritated or acne. Make your face dry with a soft towel after washing.

Yes, after the steam treatment, please rinse your face with warm water, then gently pat dry with a soft towel. At this time, you can apply facial masks and other skincare products (such as essence), because the permeability of the skin will become stronger with the steam.

It is best to put the steamer on your face for about 10 minutes. Take a deep breath and close your eyes at the same time, let the heat of the steam wake up your face and open your facial pores. Don’t take too long, otherwise there will be adverse reactions.

Yes, in addition to lemon, you can also use honey.
Bring water to a boil at 100 degrees Celsius, add 500 ml in a bowl, add 10 grams of lemon essential oil or lemon juice, take a towel, put your face on the bowl, and close your eyes. Mix and apply on the face. Gently massage your face for 3 minutes.

If you use it for a long time or steam your face too frequently, it may cause swelling of the eyes, reduce the blood supply to the eye muscles, and may cause some vision problems, dry eyes, continuous water flow, etc.

Regular cleaning will help remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and sweat. In addition, it will keep the skin hydrated for a long time. However, if your skin is often exposed to the sun or is dirty, it is recommended that you perform facial cleansing and care at least once a week or two.

Of course, adding a little salt during the steaming process can help open the pores of your skin. Boil the saltwater, moisten it with a towel, and cover your face. After about 8 minutes, the dirt on the face can be removed and the skin can be refreshed.

Steam can add moisture to the air, helping to improve breathing and loosen mucus in the airways and lungs. It also relaxes neck muscles, reduces facial soreness, prevents inflammation, and expands blood vessels to promote blood circulation.
What is steam inhalation? , It just sucks in the steam heated by clean water. It can prevent colds or sinus infections, use it to soothe and open the nasal cavity. The warm and humid air is recognized by experts to loosen mucus and relieve symptoms.
No, you cannot steam your face every day. Although there are too many benefits of steaming your face, it also has a bad effect. Steaming your face every day will irritate your skin and make the pores not have enough time to close. It is best to steam your face once every 7-10 days, and each time you steam your face for no more than 10 minutes.
After steaming your face, soak the towel in warm water, keep it on your face for a minute or two, and let it cool. It will help your facial pores close and prevent new bacteria from entering and infection.

It can make the skin more sensitive. If you have ever suffered from eczema or rosacea, the heat and steam of the facial steamer may make you “red face”, so if you have those symptoms, it is recommended that you do not use facial steamer.

If you plan to do both of these treatments at the same time, you’d better perform bleaching first. Try not to use any other skincare products during the part of the time you use the facial steamer. Therefore, it is best to finish bleaching first, and then choose a facial treatment.

Yes, once you have steamed your face, you can start exfoliating. This is the best time and the most critical step to clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Apply the scrub to the wet face. Massage the face in circular motions and then wash it off.

Although facial steam can soften blemishes, using steam alone cannot remove acne. Steam can soften your pores and avoid clogging, but if you insist on steaming your face frequently, new acne will still form, which cannot be stopped.

Some people say that the best facial cleanser and moisturizer should be used. Of course, this varies from person to person, and some people can easily solve it with hot water, but some people add salt, lemon, honey, hay, etc. to the water. It all depends on you.

Everyone knows that steaming your face will make you sweat. Sweat can reduce the fat on the cheeks. If you steam your face for a long time, weight loss is feasible. In addition, you can also use a hot towel to apply heat and massage to focus on the fatty area.

Green tea can detoxify, of course, green tea steam as well, and also a good way to keep the skin hydrated. More importantly, it has a herbal scent that will make people feel comfortable, relieve stress, and help you calm down. So when you steam your face next time, don’t for`get to put a few spoonfuls of dry loose green tea leaves. He will help clean your skin like a cleanser.

Immediately afterwards

  1. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Your skin may be more sensitive at this time, so try not to use towels.
  2. Apply skin care products. The steam effect will increase, so please use something that nourishes it.
  3. Simply massage your face.

Steam can help fight acne. Steam can release the sebum accumulated in the pores and remove the bacteria that cause acne. But it cannot be completely eliminated. You still need to use anti-acne products.

There are many ways to reduce blemishes, spots, wrinkles and make your skin look brighter and beautiful immediately. This steam technology can only remove some dirt and dead skin cells.

After steaming your face, wipe your face and neck with an ice cube. Then use skin care products to help balance the pH of the skin and help the pores to be completely closed.

Scientific research results show that the steam mask can relax the mind and help sleep.

Long-term steam can cause swelling, redness, dryness, running water, etc. in the eyes. The skin can become dry and cause fungal or bacterial infections. And continuous inhalation of steam can cause burns. So don’t use it too frequently.

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