The facial ultrasonic skin scrubber has strong penetrating power to the pores and can achieve the purpose of deep cleansing and smoothing the skin.
This is a multi-function spatula, or called ergonomic ultrasonic skin scrubber is simple to operate, easy to clean, and can be used for a long time. Ultrasonic beautifying massage head, deeply cleans pores, eliminates blackheads, lifts and massages, and removes dead skin. At the same time, the spatula head is made of stainless steel, and the body is made of ABS plastic, which is of high quality and easy to use and clean. At the same time, the spatula is made of stainless steel and abs plastic, which can easily remove dead skin, blackheads, acne and oil on the face, clean the pores, make the skin smoother, and make you feel more comfortable. At BJI, you can also find other good products on home beauty equipment, beauty care and skin care tools!

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Ultrasonic skin scrubber related products: This skin scrubber is an essential part of every family’s healthy face. Using this facial steamer and the facial cleansing system of high frequency and ultrasonic vibration can effectively clean the skin. Blackheads are removed using high-quality abs material, which is durable. Ultrasonic facial steamer, vibrates and lifts the skin, making the facial skin smooth, delicate and elastic.

The vibration of the blackhead skin scrubber and the ultrasonic skin scrubber belong to the ultrasonic skin scrubber. When you buy an ultrasonic skin scrubber, check out other supplementary categories, such as electric cleansing devices, facial lifting devices, facial steamers, and skin scrubbers. Find more products about home beauty devices, beauty and health electronics, and skin care tools at BJI. BJI is your best skin scrubber factory choice! Welcome to ask for product brochures from BJI!

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Frequently Asked Question

Ultrasonic facial spatula helps to remove dead skin and debris. Technically, it is a water-based exfoliating treatment. The device has a flat shape and must be used on wet skin.

One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonic skin scrubbers is that they are one of the mildest forms of exfoliation on the market. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for those who do not respond well to other exfoliating methods such as scrubs, brushes or chemical exfoliation.

For those who suffer from acne and blackheads, one of the best ultrasonic skin scrubbers to invest in is an effective and safe way to remove, treat and prevent impurities from obstructing the complexion.

The skin scrubber uses ultrasonic technology to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. Ultrasound helps loosen and remove oil, dirt and cell debris from pores, resulting in a visibly radiant and healthy glow.

There are no specific regulations on the frequency of use of ultrasonic scrubbers, but experts recommend using a skin scraper two to three times a week for oily and non-sensitive skin, and one to two times a week for dry and non-sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, the main purpose is to do it regularly to achieve the best results.

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