Looking for a nail dryer? This kind of nail dryer is suitable for all kinds of air uv gel, acrylic, etc. More importantly, this nail dryer is suitable for family and travel use, a best gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or anyone you love! At the same time, this nail dryer can be used to disinfect nail tools, clean jewelry and nail decorations, etc. This nail dryer is made of high-quality plastic and aluminum.

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This nail dryer is equipped with a cooling fan to prevent the light from overheating. This nail dryer is more portable than other types of machines and is easy to use on the table.BJI nail dryer is easy to operate, with automatic sensing and timing functions. When you put your hand in, the timer will automatically turn on, and when it is completed, the nail dryer will automatically turn off.and BJI is your best nail dryer supplier choice! Welcome to ask for product brochures from BJI!

Frequently Asked Question

BJI SUN5 Pro Professional 72W UV LED Nail Dryer
BJI SunX7 Max 180w LED Nail Dryer
BJI SunX5 Max 150w UV Nail Dryer
S10 Wireless 48W LED Nail Lamp
S40 Rechargeable 72w UV Led Nail Lamp

No, regular polish requires air drying or sun UV light, gel nail polish contains a polymer which must be cured under a LED UV light nail dryer. As for regular polish can’t be used with UV or LED nail dryer and it won’t dry quicker under the nail dryer.

No,the radiation of the nail dryers on the skin is almost 0, and the UV violet light is 2 cm long, and only in this range have an effect.

1. Wash your hand, clean your fingers,manicure your nail , polish the nail surface, and keep it dry.
2. Apply a thin layer of base coat and irradiate it under a nail dryer for 20 seconds.
3. Select appropriate nail polish and apply 2-3 layers repeatedly. Each layer irradiate under the nail dryer for 30-60 seconds.
4. Apply the top coat and irradiate under the nail dryer for 30-60 seconds.
5. Spray the care solution as needed.

No. Regular nail polish won’t cure under these nail lamp.

There’re quite manynail dryer supplier /dealers/retailers on, not 100% of the dealers is factory. In case of bad product quality, not professional on PCBA board, or other cases might happens on beginners, we highly suggest choosing factory to cooperate with as start.

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