BJI Vacuum blackhead remover tools are used for removing acne, blackhead, comedo, facial pore, pimple spots, and forth. Three modes – suction, deep cleansing, and deep cleansing can effectively remove sebum and lift your skin. This blackhead remover is made of ABS material and high-tech vacuum suction technology to easily and quickly remove blackheads, acne, grease, etc. This is an electric vacuum device to remove blackheads, remove small spots, high technology, and negative gears. Vacuum blackhead extraction can effectively clean the face, nose and make the skin smoother. At the same time, removing makeup, can effectively clean the pores and improve facial acne. The hand-held makeup remover is made of abs material, which is durable and has a long service life. Comes with blackhead and blackhead mask, which can be used to vacuum blackheads, acne, acne, etc.

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This blackhead powder is made of durable abs material and uses high-tech vacuum suction technology to quickly and easily remove blackheads, acne, grease, etc. This bubble type blackhead remover is equipped with a powerful motor. Three kinds of suction tips to meet daily facial needs.BJI is your best blackhead remover factory choice! Welcome to ask for product brochures from BJI!

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Can a pore vacuum cleaner effectively remove pores and blackheads? “Pore vacuum cleaners can certainly be effective tools to help clear clogged pores on a regular basis. However, they are not a 100% necessary part of a skin care routine.”

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Poor results are just one of the risks of trying to vacuum yourself or by inexperienced people. If you apply too much suction to the skin, you may experience bruising or telangiectasia. Telangiectasia is the rupture of small blood vessels in the skin.

BJI calls IPL semi-permanent hair removal treatment because although the initial treatment process will remove all your hair follicles, your body will eventually produce and develop more hair follicles. We found that customers usually need to have a “refill” treatment every 6 to 12 months to prevent excess hair from staying away!

There’re quite many blackhead remover factory /dealers/retailers suppliers on, not 100% of the dealers is factory. In case of bad product quality, not professional on PCBA board, or other cases might happens on beginners, we highly suggest choosing factory to cooperate with as start.

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