The home ultrasound 3 in 1 ems body slimming device is used for slimming and improving muscle relaxation. This device is the best weight loss instrument for your skin and body, it works as the fat cellulite burner, it’s efficient and simple to use. Ultrasonic slimming function can effectively promote cell regeneration and body beauty. It can fight wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, and make skin look more vigorous. This kind of product is for hot sale now.
The large round head can shape the abdomen, limbs, hips, or waist and remove cellulite. Combined with the ems infrared environment, it can help relieve muscle soreness and promote blood circulation, helping you with vibrant, radiant skin. It is recommended to use the conductive paste, gel, or lotion for best results. (Please don’t touch metal probes during using EMS mode)

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, ultrasonic fat cavitation provides real and measurable effects. By measuring or looking in the mirror, you can see how much weight you have lost. But please note that it only works on certain parts of the body, and the effect is not immediately visible.

This type of fat burner has a certain inhibitory and destructive effect on fat cells, so that fat cells can no longer grow and achieve the effect of weight loss. This type of product is suitable for people with a body mass index of 18.5-24.9.

Ultrasound or ultrasonic cavitation is the use of ultrasonic technology to break down fat cells under the skin. This is a non-surgical way of reducing the fat. The process involves applying pressure to fat cells through ultrasonic vibration.

It destroys stubborn fat cells by using the low-frequency sound waves which is invisible by eyes.

Ultrasound refers to MHz or megahertz as 1,000,000 Hz, and the rated value of 40 KHz to 5 MHz is used in ultrasound therapy. This professional kind of ultra sonic sound wave can destroy fat cells without causing damage to any other tissue or organ.

Pulsed sound waves travel in the skin and target fat cells. Once the wave hits the fat cell, it bursts and emulsifies it. Fat basically melts and is excreted from the body through the metabolic system, and then is excreted from the body.

This device looks like a lot of buttons, but the operation is actually very simple.Just chose the mode you want and then you can use it,the English user manual will come with the product.

This product is not rechargeable , it needs to be connected to the power supply when you use it .

This product has no vibration function. There are sonic, EMS and infared 3 functions of this device. To check whether it works,you can put a drop of water on the metal massager head after turning on the Sonic mode. The water will vaporize if the function works properly. In addition, the EMS feature needs to be plugged with 2 pads that stick on your skin.It is kindly reminding to apply some cream or lotion on your skin before using the device.

It is suggested to use it twice a week, wait for 3 days between each time .

It is important for us to stay hydrated after cavitation everytime. This will help to provide the best results and will help to flush out your system. It is recommended to Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day for at least 3 days after your treatment.

Yes,it’s safe,but we don’t suggest the clients who with cardiac and vascular diseases, pacemaker, anyone with metal implants, cancer, immune problems, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to use it .
Yes,you can feel a little warm when use it ,because the constant temperature (37-42℃) technology will keep the working part warm.

It is suggested to apply some stretch marks cream or essential oil on the skin,or you can also apply the cream or essential oil on the pad of the device before it starts working. The package doesn’t include gel or oil.

Yes, you can use it at the back thigh area, please apply some conductive gel or essential oil on the pads for better effect.

Yes ,if use it according to the instruction,it will work well.

It works for both, you can also use it after shower, apply gel lotion on the body and then use this  device ,it helps absorption.

If use it about 1 month continuously at the beginning ,you will feel the skin can be tighten a bit .

Please do not binge eat or fast! It is suggested no caffeine or carbonated drinks 3-4 hours prior to the sessions and 24 hours after the sessions, so that you can feel the effect efficence.

We follow the rule of no more than 30 minutes every time .

If you do not drink water before and after using the device,it will be harder for your system to remove the fat.

No,it’s not painful, most customers feel painless and comfortable in the process of using it.

Maintaining low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, and low sugar diet for 24 hours before using the device  and three days after after using the device ,it will help to achieve the best results.

There will be redness, thirsty and nausea after using the device, but such phenomenons only appears for a short time, they can be solved by drinking water. So they are all short-term effects ,they will disappear within a few hours to  few days.

There’re quite many slimming machine factory /dealers/retailers suppliers on, not 100% of the dealers is factory. In case of bad product quality, not professional on PCBA board, or other cases might happens on beginners, we highly suggest choosing factory to cooperate with as start.

BJI is professional slimming machine factory. Welcome inquire us for free!

It is recommended to do cardio activities after using the device during the day or evening. PLEASE kindly NOTE that this device is only suggested for healthy, qualified people to use Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation treatments.

Please do not take shower with hot water(warm is ok),  do spa or sauna withiin 24 hours after using the device.

Ultrasonic fat cavitation can empty your fat cells, but it cannot be as fast and effective as liposuction. Fat will come back, but fat cavitation will not appear where you don’t want at least. In order to make your effects last longer, you need a good diet and a lot of regular exercise.

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