BJI At Home IPL Hair Removal Technology can greatly make hair reduction, gently inhibit hair regeneration, and provide a comfortable and efficient permanent hair removal experience. The pulsed light of the at-home IPL system penetrates the skin safely and painlessly and directly removes the hair without any damage to the pores. IPL laser treatment can remove fine hairs on the face, arms, legs, back, etc. According to the course of treatment, the removal technology of at-home IPL machine directly acts on melanin with strong pulsed light, so that the root cause of hair growth disappears permanently, achieving the effect of permanent hair removal. At the same time, laser hair removal technology can quickly suppress common spots such as acne marks. IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, iontophoresis, five-color luminous lamps meet the needs of different hairs.
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BJI IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Handset, using luminous materials, high-quality motherboards and parts, fast locking. IPL photon technology, better skincare, and hair removal effect. The IPL epilator uses a special microcrystalline silica gel heating wire, which is resistant to high and low temperatures. Laser treatment makes your skin smoother without hair. BJI portable at home IPL handset is your best choice for hair removal, and BJI is your best IPL hair removal factory choice! Welcome to ask for product brochures from BJI!

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Frequently Asked Question

For most people, IPL treatments requires 6 sessions to permanently remove 70-80% of the hair. In addition, IPL works by permanently removing hair follicles. The user must use a non-waxing or plucking method for shaving the day before treatment or earlier.

PL hair removal treatment is definitely worth it, because it saves you time and money on hair removal work. This laser treatment for hair removal can make your skin very smooth and make the hair in the treated area no longer exist.

After a course of IPL hair removal, the IPL laser will destroy the suitable treatment hair follicles, which will never grow back, but it is possible that a brand new hair follicle may be activated or hair follicles will not grow during the “growth” phase. IPL is semi-permanent and does require maintenance.

IPL is safe for bikini lines, but it is not suitable for genital areas with darker skin and denser hair, which will absorb more light energy and may cause discomfort.

BJI calls IPL semi-permanent hair removal treatment because although the initial treatment process will remove all your hair follicles, your body will eventually produce and develop more hair follicles. We found that customers usually need to have a “refill” treatment every 6 to 12 months to prevent excess hair from staying away!

IPL hardly causes pain. In any case, we will apply numbing cream to the treated area to provide a pleasant and painless experience.

There’re quite many IPL hair removal factory /dealers/retailers suppliers on Alibaba.com.However, not 100% of the dealers is factory. In case of bad product quality, not professional on PCBA board, or other cases might happens on beginners, we highly suggest choosing factory to cooperate with as start.

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