2022 Best Laser Hair Removal ads Guide

The Ultimate Best Laser Hair Removal ads Guide for 2022

Laser Hair Removal ads

Let’s go straight!

Generally speaking, what are the characteristics of laser hair removal ads?
Authenticity: The advertising information should be objective facts, and must not be fabricated, exaggerated or even distorted. The information must be consistent with the advertised content, and the advertising statement must be clear and not ambivalent.

Scientificity: The advertisement should emphasize the scientific principles of the product’s craft or function, the examples should be wide, universal, the language should be accurate, scientific, ideological and artistic, and humanistic care should be emphasized.

Advertising art should be unique and beautiful, simple and meaningful
Propaganda and agitation: This feature must be based on the advantages of craft products (mainly the quality of products and services), persuasive and attractive.
Advertising painting and advertising text should be harmonious and unified, with beautiful pictures and soft colors.

Before generating marketing ideas, what are the points to think about when doing commercial advertising?

1. What is the purpose of laser hair removal ads?
Advertising with purpose is often more effective. But even if it is purposeful, there are three points to consider:
The user currently has no relevant requirements. The purpose of advertising is to tap the needs of users. Before users pay attention to and understand you, everything is self-talking, to no avail.

Users have certain needs, but do not know your existence. Let users remember your brand and products, and know what these products do. It is naturally better if the product can solve a certain “pain point” of users. Therefore, all the selling points and attractive points of the product must be presented at this time. Regardless of whether consumers like this advertisement, they must first be impressed, and when consumers are actually buying, often impressive promotion ideas will be given priority.

The user knows you and also knows the existence of other people. In this case, what each company is fighting for is the conversion rate. At this time, the purpose of laser hair removal ads is to make users more aware of your selling points, advantages, slogans, brand, price, and differences with other products. At the moment, sometimes fighting for personality and feelings can often achieve good results.

2. Effective efforts are based on matching needs

In the era when the carriage was king, all consumers were asked what they wanted, and without exception, they would answer: “I want a faster carriage.” But what are the real needs of consumers? What they want is not a “carriage” but a “faster”, so cars will be available later. Distinguishing surface needs and real needs is the key to judging whether the effort is effective.

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3. Repeat

The purpose of repetition is to remember!
The content of the ad is duplicated. If you want to show all the content, it is completely impossible to highlight what you want to express. Just like the saying “there is no key if it is important”, laser hair removal ads must be carried out around one core.
Repeated delivery for a long time. It takes accumulation for a long time to show the effect, and only the repeated memory of the user’s impression can be deep. Otherwise, one thing today and another thing tomorrow will continue to change, not to mention a waste of money, and it will not be possible for users to truly remember their brand.

The core key points in laser hair removal ads are repeated. Then, you have to repeat the most important core information in laser hair removal ads, such as slogans. You will find that it will repeatedly mention key information, which is impossible if you can’t remember it.

4. The spread of laser hair removal ads.

As the saying goes, ads that can be spoken are good ads. A good laser hair removal ads must have an impressive “voice”, and certain highly generalized essences must be repeatedly highlighted.
5. Have you figured out the user purchase decision-making process?
Know the way in which user needs are stimulated, and carry out effective delivery for this way, so that laser hair removal ads can be more effective.

6. Reduce the “difficulty” of user actions.

People are always accustomed to previous habits and are unwilling to challenge a new and unknown thing again. The same is true for users, who are willing to be “a giant of thought and a dwarf of action”. Therefore, in addition to promoting the product as “good” in laser hair removal ads, we must also “action is easy” and “many people are already doing it.” This type of information is passed on.

7. Repeated trial and error.

Advertisements that can withstand the test of practice are good advertisements. Therefore, we must continue to experiment and draw conclusions from the experiment.

8. Never think that your brand is big.

Are these brands like Apple mobile phones and Coca-Cola big? They still have to do advertising and marketing, so when their brand is relatively large, they must not stop. Strengthening is what should be done in this period.

The market competition is getting more and more fierce, and your business finally can’t resist the pressure and start investing in online commercial advertising (Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.). A lot of money has poured into advertisers’ pockets. But the transformation effect brought about is very little pitiful. Facing the pressure of performance and the censure of leaders, we can only continuously analyze the reasons and adjust the delivery strategy to generate new marketing ideas. The hard work pays off, and the effect is getting better and better, so let’s take a look at what optimization adjustments I have made?

1. Target audiences accurately

In the initial stage of the launch, I screened 5 channels and set the same launch cost. When analyzing the effects, I found that the input-output ratios of different channels are very different, so I focused on channels with high-output ratios and abandoned channels with poor conversion effects. , After this adjustment, the delivery effect has been greatly improved.

Channel selection suggestions: Targeting the target user group, using the capital cost rationally, and accurately exposing them is the most critical step for laser hair removal ads. Different products are suitable for different delivery channels, and it is necessary to monitor the effect of each channel, analyze the value of the channel, and achieve targeted delivery.

2, laser hair removal ads copywriting should be empathized

At first, my laser hair removal ads copy was mainly to highlight the functions of the product, but the click effect was very poor. Later, I analyzed what kind of advertisements I would like to watch if I were a customer, and what kind of advertisements could attract me to click. When writing laser hair removal ads from the customer’s point of view, the click-through rate is getting higher and higher.

Copywriting advice: People will always only pay attention to content that is relevant to them, especially in an era when attention is super scarce. Therefore, the content of the advertisement must be strongly associated with the user to have more opportunities. The copywriting should start from the customer’s point of view and meet the needs of customers, not just introduce the functions of the product.

3. Repeat commercial ads

Commercial advertising is too expensive. Although it is the company’s money, it is a waste of money. Every time you recharge it, you feel a little painful. Therefore, the investment of laser hair removal ads is intermittent. I hope that customers can watch it once. Remember my brand and products, but it turns out I am too narcissistic! ! !

Recommendations for placement: All kinds of creative laser hair removal ads are full of people’s attention. Why can one show of your advertisement attract customers? In order for people to remember your brand and products, in addition to the creative laser hair removal ads design, it also requires large-scale and frequent advertising exposure. Coca-Cola needs high advertising fees every year, not to mention our namelessness. Well-known small brand. So don’t worry, after a period of accumulation, you will be able to see the effect.

4, with the help of advertising data return system

Advertising platforms have been optimizing their delivery mechanisms and adjusting algorithms for matching target groups. After all, good results can attract customers to continue to invest money. However, the advertising platform can track the visitor’s click on laser hair removal ads, but cannot track the visitor’s consultation, purchase and other behaviors.

If we return the visitor’s consultation, purchase and other conversion behavior to the advertising platform, the advertising platform will follow these ” “Important conversion data” adjust the matching algorithm to deliver subsequent laser hair removal ads to more precise target groups. After I used the Star Trails advertising data return system, the delivery effect was increased by 9 times, the cost was reduced by 30%, and the average cost was 40% lower than that of the peers! ! !

Recommendations for placement: Tools/systems were born to improve work efficiency and save costs, so tools/systems must be used. The Star Trails advertising return system is to transfer the conversion behavior that the advertising platform can’t automatically track and recognize, through certain technical means or methods, to the advertising platform, the advertising platform will use the feedback conversion results of laser hair removal ads to dynamically adjust the matching algorithm , Which makes the subsequent promotion of laser hair removal ads more accurate, thereby reducing costs and improving the delivery effect of laser hair removal ads.

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